Times are changing! Never has there been so much inspiration in the world, with people from all around doing what has never been done before, and achieving huge success from nothing. Statistically speaking, there has never been a safer time to be alive. Technology has advanced to such a degree that information is present at the click of a button and our abundance of needs are met at every corner. But, from this, how can it be that that so many people are just getting by and just surviving in an environment that facilitates thriving? From my past experiences, I have been able to become aware of what was affecting my lack of abundance in these times and what I began to see was the only thing getting in my way of achieving the success I desired was myself.

Work Flight Empty

In school, we were always taught to stay between the lines and never stray from the content we were introduced to, and that sometimes there was no explanation to why things where the way they are. While information and knowledge are a great tool for learning, the creative aspect of my mind was suppressed. Being told my creative expressions were wrong and out of context, I formed a system of beliefs which no longer valued imagining alternative possibilities. As I became older and finished school, this belief was so ingrained in me that I seemed to just follow the crowd and did what I was told. Get a job for a company, save money, buy a house, and start a family. All the components to a so called happy and vibrant life. If this was the secret recipe for success and happiness why had it left me feeling so empty and unfulfilled?

The search for reason and meaning quickly became an obsession of mine. By becoming aware of where these beliefs came from, I was able to identify what I needed to change in order to evolve and move forward in my life. Diving deep into my own psychology through self-reflection and meditation, I concluded that everything physical is driven from the mind. As my awareness and mindset began to change back to a more imaginative visualization of my desires, I was able to see the bigger picture of what I expected my life and future to be like. I surpassed my feelings of deficiency and embraced my uniquely different outlook and took charge of my true power to lead others.

Then began the start of my electrical business, March 2020, global pandemic. Nothing could have prepared me for this moment and there was no way I could have predicted an event like this to occur. After all the inspiration and motivation I had developed over the years to make my dreams a reality, I was quickly filled with worry, fear, and doubt. These emotional states drove me down a rabbit hole and I was no longer able to visualize what I desired for my future. It was as though a switch was flicked in my mind that killed the creative aspect of my personality once again.

Back to the drawing board, I knew I had to somehow rekindle my spirit. Even though the world was amidst a crisis, I still had an intuitive sense that nothing had changed for me. Forcing myself to keep a positive outlook on the situation drove my attention back to visualizing how I could take advantage of these unusual circumstances. I utilized my downtime from work as a platform to create the foundations of my business. Consulting with marketing professionals and developing programs that accentuated my skillset I was able to overcome the fear of failure and transform it into motivation for progress. Realizing that fear only transmuted my creative visions, I was able to get out of my own way and submit to the direction I was pushed.

So many uncertainties exist on the horizon, but my plans to proceed as business as usual are set in stone. In the centre of my web of ideas is the question, ‘how am I going to continue to grow?’ and from my growth and experiences how can I give back to the world in a way that is beneficial to others. By changing myself I was able to overturn the conditioning that was limiting my potential and proceed to follow my dreams of creating my own business and leading others. I now have no fear, trust myself and am doing everything I can everyday to live to my full potential.

Have you struggled with something similar during this pandemic? We would love to hear your experiences during these tough times.