2020 has been a year of extremes. Between natural disasters and COVID-19, there are elements of day-to-day life that have faced drastic changes, and some that will never be the same again. Modern marketing is one such industry that has been hit by the slew of changes brought upon by the global COVID-19 pandemic. But what does this really mean for you and your business marketing?

Out with the Old, in with the Adaptable

With such a radical change in the to the day to day lives of most of modern society, marketing has had to adapt to survive. Working from home, business closures, social distancing and quarantine (to name but a few) has meant that a large amount of traditional and well-established marketing methods are having a fraction of the impact that they normally would. Modern businesses are faced with an interesting marketing dilemma; how can your marketing be best utilised in such a fast paced and ever-changing environment? Major lifestyle changes have been changed and adapted in days, not months or years, and societal decisions that would normally take months are now taking hours or days.

How has COVID changed marketing for businesses? 1

The businesses that are the most flexible and adaptable are taking these changes in their stride and using them to their advantage. Digital marketing is at its core, with ads and marketing piggybacking on the booming movie/music streaming, gaming and social media spheres. People are spending more time at home due to restrictions, so it’s natural progression that marketing has become so much more focused on the digital front

Engage and Enable

Another pivotal facet in the COVID-19 affected society is the need to be engaged, and the necessity to enable the consumer. Now more than ever it is impossible to understate the importance of a strong social media presence and clear and consistent communication. Business hours, special deals, updates to products and general marketing can be affected at the tip of a hat, so being connected and transparent with your communication is more important than ever.

Additionally, face-to-face accessibility is something that is off the table for all but essential businesses, and even then, to a limited degree. Efficient enablement for the consumer is a fundamental piece of the puzzle, and marketing your accessibility is vital for business success. With retail facing a massive loss as a result of this pandemic, online businesses and digital accessibility is now a cornerstone for the current climate.


When faced with such a devastating situation, we look inwards as a collective to weather the storm. As part of this, businesses have altered their business practices hugely; banks waiving late fees, businesses offering discounts and free shipping, companies paying employees when business may be at a halt, and much more. It's important that consumers are aware of what you are doing for them, and that it is being done with honest intentions. Without strong marketing, there are no successful businesses, and with no successful businesses there is no chance of economic resurgence. Showing empathy as a business now is the solidarity society needs to bounce back from this pandemic, which in turn can ensure your long-term business success.

How has COVID changed marketing for businesses? 2

New Age Marketing was always taking a digital road to the future. COVID-19 has simply fast-tracked this change and thrown a world-wide spanner in the business works. Being adaptable, engaged and empathetic is a springboard for marketing in the current climate and are powerful aspects to base your businesses marketing upon for years to come.