Never has there been a more critical time to support your local small businesses. The lockdowns put a strangle hold on all small businesses forcing them to close for months. Suddenly, families that had dedicated their whole lives to building their local businesses were subjected to bankruptcy. No one could of predicted these events would occur in this way and it’s a shame its always the small guy that gets hit the hardest.

Supporting Small Business

Why is it that large corporations are considered essential but the local small business selling the same products are considered not? Large grocery outlets became the only option for people to obtain their necessities when they would usually prefer to buy local. While the whole world suffered financially, these corporations saw massive increases as competition was erased. Now that small businesses can re-open it has never been more imperative to support them getting back on their feet.

I have compiled a few ways in which we can all help support our local family businesses get back into the swing of things.

  • Visit and buy from their stores
  • Write an honest and positive review
  • Tell your friends and family about them
  • Follow them on social media
  • Engage with their posts
  • Give them a shout out
  • Sign up for their newsletters
Supporting Small Business 1

Most of these options are free, but the roll-on effect can be significant. It's time we stimulated the local Australian economy rather than the corporate giants to bring back our independence and make Australia great again.