De-energised Maintenance 1

Now that thermography and energised testing has been completed, it is important to also schedule time to shutdown power and perform de-energised maintenance on your equipment. Thermography and energised testing alone will not pick up every potential fault that may arise in your electrical equipment. By shutting the power off we can clean, inspect and service equipment to ensure its safety and reliability. Including de-energised electrical testing and verification methods can verify the condition of your assets giving you an accurate overview to the condition of your entire system.

Some inspections and testing include:

  • Switchgear inspection and testing (Ring Main Units & Switchboards).
  • Circuit breaker servicing and testing.
  • Relay circuit protection verification.
  • Cable termination inspections.
  • Power transformer testing and dissolved gas analysis.
  • Switchroom/substation inspections and cleaning.
  • CT & VT verification testing.
  • Earth grid verification testing.
  • RCD (Safety Switch) verification testing.

The de-energised component of maintenance can be the most critical, as it always picks up abnormalities that thermography and energised testing alone can not. The lifespan of your electrical equipment can be maintained by regular servicing and cleaning performed during de-energised maintenance. This is also a great opportunity to perform rectification works on problems that have been detected previously by thermography and energised testing.

When these three protocols are performed regularly you can be confident your electrical system is safe and reliable and unlikely to have unexpected down time. When you fail to schedule maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you, usually at an inconvenient time. If you require assistance to manage your electrical assets give us a ring to see how we can help. 

De-energised Maintenance 2