When thinking of marketing the mind naturally drifts to Coca-Cola signs, giant billboards and TV ads shouting about the latest and greatest thing that you definitely (don’t) need, and with technology advancing as quickly as it is, marketing is fast moving into a modern sphere. But what really is the new age of marketing? Read below to gain insight into this fast-paced and exciting world.

New Age Marketing

With the onslaught of information that is perpetually in front of our eyes in the 21st century, a very important swing has happened in the world of marketing. Originally, marketing was designed to be cast to a broad audience. Statement billboards and memorable branding was a must and getting that in front of as many people as possible was the never-ending goal.

The introduction of the internet and the facets that came with it (social media, blogs, reviews etc) meant that marketing took on a very different approach. Anyone could do their own research, browse their options, check reviews and make a more informed decision. No longer would a catchy jingle alone sell a product, the consumer was able to see a much greater array of information, resulting in marketing being flipped on its head.

The most drastic of changes birthed by this revolution was the focus on personalisation. The modern consumer almost always seeks a focused and unique experience that is all about 1-on-1 customer service and support. Consumers being able to do the research themselves has given companies the task of providing fast and efficient multi-modal support, hopefully quenching the fickle nature of the modern consumer.

Interestingly, the accessible nature of modern digital reviews has been a 2-edged sword; On one side glowing reviews and positive insights are easily obtained and help provide a foundation of loyalty and care for customers. The inverse, however, is also true; a scathing review can swiftly and adversely affect a business. Social media is also a completely invaluable tool for the new age business. Up to date information, updates and contact options are an entirely necessary tool in keeping a business relevant and successful.

And how does this all come together you may ask? The answer is surprisingly simple. Don’t focus your marketing on trying to make the consumer choose you. New age marketing should be focused on informing and supporting the consumer to be empowered to make their own decisions. If your foundations are strong and product great, your business will almost always be the right choice.

This current drive in marketing is a simple process to outline but a more difficult task to succeed in. Building strong foundations will provide a definitive edge up on competition and snowball into success when utilised correctly.


Modern consumers want to know everything there is to know in the shortest amount of time possible. It is imperative that modern marketing is relevant, accessible and up to date. Have a central contact point (usually a website) that is a one-stop shop for everything a consumer could possibly need, and support that with a comprehensive web of customer support.

Multi-modality customer support

A new age marketing program will have a central contact point, but also an array of other possible points for outreach. A contract that was founded on a Twitter message can be just as fruitful as shaking hands with another business owner at a conference, so a strong multi-modal presence is essential in ensuring your business can be found by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Don’t forget the old ways

Even though a lot has changed, don’t underestimate the value of the older marketing methods. There is still a lot of value in advertisements and emails, however the key is to pair it with the fast-moving world of new age marketing to get the most value. A catchy jingle might still be the hook to catch the fish, but the best businesses have the best customer support to reel it in.

New age marketing is a non-negotiable in modern business success. It is a complex beast, however when implemented correctly will not only improve your business’ repertoire, and improve customer experience, but also help to solidify the foundations of what your business is all about.