Although many people may not be aware of it, the cost of heating water is actually one of the largest expenditures for lots of households. Whether you are renting an apartment, or you have your own house, water heating costs can account for up to 40% of your annual bills. This estimated percentage will even increase during the colder months.

Solar Hot Water 1

With the latest innovations, professionals have developed cost effective and highly affordable solutions to meet our needs and to improve our quality of life, despite the very tight economic conditions. Enter… solar hot water systems!

Have a Better Understanding of Solar Hot Water Systems

Many people from all parts of the world have been using solar thermal energy for heating water and for domestic use. This offers an economic and excellent solution by using the heat of the sun to generate hot water, therefore reducing the overall amount of fossil fuels that are needed to be burned.

Solar hot water systems use solar collectors, either evacuated tubes or flat panels, which absorb the sun’s energy to heat water. The water that is heated is stored in an insulated tank, with these solar collectors being mounted on your roof.

Generally, solar hot water systems cost more than any other heater types that you can find in the market. However, an extra upfront cost will easily be recovered in the long run as the system helps reduce energy bills. These systems will also recover their overall costs more speedily in many larger households.

These systems are using energy from the sun that is absolutely a free and renewable energy source. It cannot be depleted, so you can be sure to enjoy its benefits and services for a long time. People have also been using these systems as they help improve energy security and reduce consumer dependence on fossil fuels.

In warm and sunny places, just like Australia, solar water heating systems are highly economical. A lot of countries all over the world are providing favourable incentives for the solar water heating system insulation, so you can surely save a huge amount of money.

With solar water heating systems, you can now enjoy hot water all throughout the year, especially during cold winter seasons. The system works effectively all year round, giving you an unlimited source of hot water. Solar hot water is a renewable heating system. It will not only enable you to cut down your energy bills, but also reduce your carbon footprints.

By installing solar hot water systems, you can now make great changes in the world. Aside from saving a huge amount of money, you are also taking great part in saving the world. Do you have solar hot water installed in your home? If so, what made you decide to make that decision? If not, is solar hot water something you are considering? Why/why not?