Electrical testing and maintenance, no matter what industry or workplace you are in or what project you are working on, is an incredibly important component to a safe environment.

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With so many electrical aspects to workplaces, ensuring everything is functioning in the correct way allows for a smooth and secure workspace. But, what are the other reasons why electrical testing and maintenance is so important? Find out more below.

What is electrical testing and maintenance?

Electrical testing and maintenance involves checking wiring and/or a piece of equipment to check it is working properly. This can include:

  • Inspection and/or testing of systems using specialised equipment.
  • Thermography of electrical equipment/components.
  • Ultrasonic testing for early stage fault detection.
  • Fault diagnosis.
  • Routine de-energised servicing of switchboards and associated equipment.
  • Repair of electrical components.

Who can complete electrical testing and maintenance?

An appropriately qualified electrical professional is the only person who should ever complete electrical testing and maintenance. 

Why is electrical testing and maintenance important?

There are a range of reasons why electrical testing and maintenance is important including:

  • Safety!
  • Maintains the integrity and reliability of systems.
  • Protects both those using any electrical equipment, as well as the electrical equipment itself.
  • Minor repairs may be able to be completed there and then to minimise down time.
  • Protects against the risk of electric shock, fire, inadvertent loss of supply and damage to expensive electrical assets. 
  • Allows issues to be found before they potentially become large.
  • Can extend the life of electrical wiring and equipment.

How often should electrical testing and maintenance occur?

The consistency of electrical testing and maintenance depends on a few things, including:

  • State, territory and federal rules, regulations and legislation.
  • The equipment you have. (manufacturer recommendations)
  • The industry you work in.
  • How often equipment is used.
  • The age/type of wiring.

Always speak to a qualified professional about a testing and maintenance schedule that is specific to your circumstances, to ensure the correct timeframes are abided by.

Wiring Eccentricity

Eccentricity has several maintenance programs for installations of all shapes and sizes. We recommend implementing a thermography based maintenance program for early fault detection, protecting your installation and equipment and prolonging it’s lifespan. If you would like some further information regarding electrical testing and maintenance, give Eccentricity a call on 0402 665 177 and we would be happy to assist.


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