Why you should perform condition assessments on your HV Cables

Why you should perform condition assessments on your HV Cables

When we get calls from clients regarding cable failures there is a general theme that occurs time and time again. “We didn’t realise the cable was in such bad condition” they would say after seeing the destruction caused by the failure. High voltage cables are a common and frequent cause of outages, but how can […]

How to Locate Sheath Faults on MV Cables

Maintaining healthy sheath insulation is extremely important for the safe operation and lifespan of an MV cable. If there are faults in the outer sheath, you can expect an ingress of moisture, debris, and the premature degradation of the cables structure.

How to Access High Voltage Equipment Safely

High voltage electrical systems can be extremely dangerous if you do not know what you're doing. Generally, high voltages are only seen in utility services, mining operations, and large industrial processing plants and therefore the dangers are not as well known as you may think. It is important for all workers, not just electrical workers […]

3 Key Components to Effective Electrical Maintenance

Unscheduled downtime can be very costly to your business. If you fail to schedule maintenance for your electrical assets, they will schedule it for you, usually in the most inconvenient way possible. Our electrical maintenance programs can help you stay ahead of the game by implementing 3 key components that will ensure your electrical system […]
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