Supply & Install

Eccentricity uses a wide range of manufacturers for cable and termination kit supplies. We have several manufacturer specific training for specific products to maintain a high level of quality for the installation.

Reliable cable termination kit manufacturers that Eccentricity install are:
Raychem is a spin-off from SRI International, and their founding technology was wire and cable that used radiation cross-linked polymer insulation targeted at military and aerospace applications.
The Pfisterer Group is a global manufacturer of high-voltage cable accessories and a system provider in the field of energy infrastructures.
NKT A/S is an industrial holding company with interests in power cables and wires as well as optical components, lasers and crystal fibres.
Nexans Australmold is the leading supplier of products, including separable connectors, to the power utility industry in Australia.
TE Connectivity is a Swiss-domiciled technology company that designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor products for harsh environments in a variety of industries.
JB Jointing Supplies has become a key supplier of quality products for the ongoing HV projects in Australia.
For power utility plants, data centers and factories, being online and running is critical. Industrial facilities depend on a reliable electrical network supported by terminations, splices and tapes – field-proven and designed for harsh environments.
Eccentricity also has the ability to source any manufacturer parts required by customers for their installation. Give us a call today to arrange a supply and installation quote from our team.

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