High Voltage Services Australia Wide

At Eccentricity, take pride in offering top quality services and workmanship to every customer we are involved with. The services we offer include:

  • Installation of underground high voltage cable and services.
  • Both the design and installation of earth grids.
  • Installation of transformers and ring main units.
  • High Voltage cable termination up to 66kV on underground joints, aerial terminations, ring main units, transformers and switchboards
  • Implementation of maintenance programs in relation to transformers, switchgear and earthing systems. 
  • Testing of high voltage cabling.
  • Insulation resistance and phasing testing.
  • Hi-pot and VLF testing.
  • TDR and fault location testing.

We also perform high voltage switching operations, cable identification and spiking.

If the service that you are requiring is not mentioned above, this does not mean that Eccentricity can not assist with your needs. Contact us on 0402 65 177 or via our Contact Us page and we discuss your requirements in more detail.

Electrical Thermal Imaging


Thermal imaging has quickly become a common practice in electrical maintenance and, when performed correctly and in conjunction with other electrical testing methods, an accurate analysis of the condition of electrical equipment can be made.
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Protecting HV Cables

Energised Maintenance

Energised maintenance is a great addition to thermography in any Preventative Maintenance Program. While thermography generally points out potential problems that may exist within an installation, it is energised testing that verifies these assumptions.
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De-Energised Maintenance

De-energised electrical testing is the final step in Eccentricity’s Preventative Maintenance Program, and is again incredibly important to the safety and welfare of any business’ electrical equipment.

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Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program

Eccentricity take great pride in offering a complete Preventative Maintenance Program to businesses of all sizes and across a variety of industries. Our Program is aimed at early detection of electrical faults to prevent failures in electrical equipment, offering you peace of mind that your business assets and your staff are safe. 

Eccentricity technicians provide a fully comprehensive, simple to follow reporting structure to all customers, which logs every electrical asset on site. This gives you an accurate overview of the condition of your electrical assets, and any actions that may need to be undertaken now or into the future. 

If you are looking for a Preventative Maintenance Program that focuses on your business' electrical equipment, give Eccentricity a call today. We understand the importance of safe electrical assets, so get in contact to chat to one of our fully qualified technicians about a personalised Preventative Maintenance Program.

Eccentricity Preventative Maintenance Program Benefits

  • Identification by a qualified technician of any electrical assets or systems that may malfunction.
  • Establishment of practical and pragmatic schedules and procedures for routine inspections.
  • Periodic testing of plant equipment for structural soundness and integrity.
  • Prompt and professional repair or replacement of any defective equipment found during both inspection and testing.
  • Inventory of spare parts for electrical assets that require frequent repairs.
  • Use of a comprehensive, organised record-keeping system to schedule any necessary tests and document inspections.
  • Commitment to ensure that records are complete and detailed, including the recording of test results and any required follow-up actions.

Maintenance Plan

Free Quote and Assessment available. Get in touch today and find out how we can help in the early detection of electrical faults for your business.
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We provide High Voltage Cable Solutions throughout Australia

Eccentricity has extensive experience in the retail and industrial sectors and we are fully qualified in Electrical Fitting and Mechanics and High Voltage Cable Joining. 
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