Why you should perform condition assessments on your HV Cables

Why you should perform condition assessments on your HV Cables

When we get calls from clients regarding cable failures there is a general theme that occurs time and time again. “We didn’t realise the cable was in such bad condition” they would say after seeing the destruction caused by the failure. High voltage cables are a common and frequent cause of outages, but how can […]

How to Locate Sheath Faults on MV Cables

Maintaining healthy sheath insulation is extremely important for the safe operation and lifespan of an MV cable. If there are faults in the outer sheath, you can expect an ingress of moisture, debris, and the premature degradation of the cables structure.

Oil Sampling & DGA Analysis of Power Transformers

Power transformers are one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to electrical distribution. They are responsible for the transformation of higher voltages from distribution to lower voltages as seen in everyday electrical equipment. The most common type of transformer is the oil filled transformer.

The Basics of LV Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Understanding the construction and operation of the circuit breaker is incredibly important, as they are used in nearly every installation from domestic buildings to high voltage electrical utility substations.

The purpose of the screen and Semi-conductive layer on MV Cables

In most modern MV cables, especially underground, cables are shielded or screened with an earthing conductor. The screen consists of lapped copper tape or metallic foil usually less than 1mm in thickness, which is the interface between the conductor and the insulation (PVC, XLPE). The main purpose of this conductive screen is to maintain a uniformly divergent electric field and contain the electric field within the cable core.

How Power Factor Correction Can Save Your Business Money

Power factor correction (PFC) is an often-overlooked component in large electrical installations. It measures how effectively your business uses power by assessing the ratio of real power (kW) to apparent power (kVA). Real power is the amount of power which is actually used by your onsite equipment (kW) whereas apparent power is the total amount of power (kVA) supplied to the site by the utility.

How to Protect HV Underground Cables

Underground high voltage cables are a great innovation to the electrical distribution industry. While they make an installation look more visually pleasing than the overhead systems currently being utilized, they are often exposed to scenarios which are overlooked by electrical designers and engineers. It is common practice to protect your cables from mechanical damage via […]

3 Key Components to Effective Electrical Maintenance

Unscheduled downtime can be very costly to your business. If you fail to schedule maintenance for your electrical assets, they will schedule it for you, usually in the most inconvenient way possible. Our electrical maintenance programs can help you stay ahead of the game by implementing 3 key components that will ensure your electrical system […]
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